Top Driving Schools in the US

Learning how to drive is a necessity in the US already at the age of 16.  Most parents struggle with there daily life’s and can hardly wait for their 16 year old to take the wheel.  The stress of keeping up with with day to day activities is almost impossible.  From an early age parents spend countless hours driving kids to school in the mornings and to sports activities in the afternoons.   When it comes time to teach your young adult how to drive safely it is important to find a good driving school.  Below our 3 of the top driving schools in the US.


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Top Driver

Top driver has been around since 2003 and has graduated close to 250,000 great drivers.  They offer more driving lessons than other schools as well as a large amount of online tools.  Education is superior due to outstanding instructor pool as well as proven system.  They offer courses for both adults and teens.


driving school

Based in Tennessee, Safety Bros is a fast growing driving school that offers back to basic training and with experienced instructors and coursers that exceed local DNV standards.  If you are lucky enough to have a location near you the choice is clear.


a1 driving


Primarily based in Atlanta a1 driving schools offer 18 locations with specific training courses such as Defensive driving, DUI/risk reduction and regular driving courses.  All the driving instructors are Certified/Licensed by the D.D.S. and are patient and professional.

nova driving

Nova Driving Schools

Based out of Chicago, Nova driving schools offers exceptional service and is School certified by the “National Safety Council.  They offer courses to both adults and teens as well as a stick driving course.  Winter driving and highway driving are 2 unique courses that are offered at an extra but reasonable cost.

If you are fortunate enough to live near one of these great driving schools be asured your teen will start up of the road with the right basic skills to stay safe and allow you to stay home for the evening after a long day at work.