3 Key Steps To Prepare Your Car For Sale To A Junk Yard

Scrapping A Car Doesn’t Have To Be Tricky

The odds are heavily stacked in favor of this being the first time you’ve sold a car for its scrap value. The process can be confusing and exhausting, especially if you want to maximize the price you get in exchange for your vehicle.

I know I was perplexed the first time I tried to sell a junk car for a good scrap price. What I found out, though from Junk Car Ottawa, was that a little common sense all around – both on my part and on that of the junkyard I worked with – helped minimize the number of hassles involved in scrapping a junk car.

If you’re going to sell off a car of your own in exchange for its scrap value, there are just three key things you need to take care of first. Here’s a thorough guide through each step of the process:

1) Get ALL Of Your Belongings Out Of The Car

Just like a home, a car inevitably builds up forgotten or abandoned possessions over time. Unless you’re selling your car right after you bought it (and why would you do that?), there’s almost certain to be a healthy collection of personal items lurking in your vehicle. This detritus needs to be cleaned out before the junk yard’s tow truck shows up to take your junk car away.

It doesn’t seem like it should need to be done, does it? You have to remember that although you’re disposing of your car, that doesn’t turn it into a dumpster. Leaving behind unwanted items complicates the junking process for the yard buying your car; it can even lead to unwanted surcharges if the cleaning process is a big enough hassle.

Junking a car gives you a perfect excuse to check your vehicle from top to bottom for lost and forgotten items. Be thorough. Pull up your floor mats, check under your seats, and flip your sun visors. Remember to pull any electronic items – power adapters, CDs, and charging cords – out of your car.

Do not leave behind insurance records or other important documents! There’s simply too much sensitive personal and financial data on these papers to leave them in a vehicle that’s headed off to parts unknown. Remember, your car may change hands more than once before it’s scrapped; it’s impossible to vouch for the trustworthiness of everyone who will get in it.

2) Make Sure Your Title Is Available

On the paperwork front, you’re probably already aware that you can and should cancel your insurance and return your license plates before turning your car over to a junker. You’ll want to make sure you have a valid title certificate, too. Selling a car without a title is a lot more complicated and even risky.

The problem with selling without the title is that you may still be liable for issues that come up after the car is out of your hands. For this reason alone, you need to be very wary of any junk car operation that advertises “no title” purchases. Bear in mind there are a few states where older cars don’t need a title during sales. Exceptions like this are mainly designed to handle abandoned cars that have sat unmoving for years. It’s generally a good idea to check in with your local motor vehicle authority in any case to review the rules governing scrap sales. Bear in mind that you’ll definitely need a current picture ID (e.g. a driver’s license) to make a legal sale.

3) Consider Parting Your Car Out

If your car is going for pure scrap value, there are likely some components that would fetch you a little extra cash if sold separately. Pull out modular electronics like stereos and GPS units if you know how to extract them properly. Your battery is worth a little something to recyclers even if it’s several years old; if it’s nearly new it might have significant resale value. If your tires and wheels are in good shape with plenty of tread left, you should consider purchasing a cheap set of worn-out wheels and replacing the better components before selling your car. Bear in mind that your buyer will want to get a good idea of the car’s condition prior to striking a final deal, so you need to conduct these removals before the scrap price of your car is set.