Defensive driving techniques

Remain safe on the road

It is very important to learn various driving skills that may help in handling your car. Due to the fact you are exposed to various scenarios while on the road, you must be very careful. Being careful means a lot to you and also for others who are on the road. No matter how careful you are and to what extent you are following all rules to make sure you and others are safe, others may not be thinking like that.  Never drink and drive.

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You may have to face numerous rule breakers on the road. To counter such situations you need to learn defensive driving skills. These skills are important because they will teach you to secure yourself and will help in avoiding bigger accidents.

You can learn these skills from a driving school and also with experience as you experience various conditions on the road.

The key rule in learning defensive driving skills is to stay alert and be able to react properly. It does not need any extraordinary skills. But you must have decisive skills to act in the appropriate way.

So here are certain skills and techniques that will help you drive safely and defend yourself when in a complicated situation:

Be alert and attentive

You should be attentive to anything unusual on the road and spot danger as quickly as possible.


Be quick to respond and plan ahead of time

You should be very quick in figuring out the danger and you must know what could be the best response. Like if someone is driving recklessly, what should you do and where he is heading off.

You should not rely on others

Never think that others will save you, or will care about you. You must beware of other drivers as they may drive carelessly, causing accidents and hazards to your car. Make sure to avoid drunk drivers and those who are not following traffic rules.

Think of an escape route

Always figure out an escape route where you can save yourself from any kind of hazard that is coming through your way. It can be a side road or a parking lot where you can escape for safety reasons.

Avoid distractions

You must avoid distracting signals and things that may cause you problems while driving on the road. This will help you in staying alert and ready to respond to any upcoming situation.

Avoid high speed driving

You must keep your car within a reasonable speed range. This will give you enough time to respond to any problems properly.

All these techniques are useful and can benefit you in any hazardous condition that you may have to face. You must always keep in mind that other drivers may not be following all the rules. So you have to stay on the safe side to ensure you and others are safe. In this way, you can prove yourself as a responsible citizen and a driver who cares for others as well.

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